About Shannon Liu Shair | 關於劉湘寧

Shannon grew up in Silicon Valley, graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2007, and then graduated from Boston University School of Law in 2011.  She also became a licensed attorney in California in 2011.  She has always valued involvement in community service efforts and finding ways to give back to others with both her time and skills.  Liu Shair Law embodies these values and provides a professional, personable, and positive Estate Planning experience.

Shannon is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

As an attorney:

As an attorney, Shannon has worked extensively on drafting legal documents, contracts, and Estate Plans, perfecting the art of how to draft out legal language.  She is adept at explaining legal concepts to non-lawyers in simple terms they can understand.  She knows the importance of having a personalized estate plan in place and enjoys using her experience and expertise to assist families with this planning.  She values ensuring questions are answered, concerns are addressed, and each estate plan is customized for each family. She has assisted clients with Trust Administration, so she understands the importance of having solid Estate Plans that the surviving family members can easily administer. Shannon also has worked with clients to form their own businesses, making sure she understands the purposes of the business and that clients are kept updated through the process.

As a mother:

Shannon is the mother of two young children: Madison, who was born in 2014, and Ripley, who was born in 2016.  As a mother, she knows that Estate Planning can feel overwhelming and unfamiliar.  She seeks to make clients feel comfortable through the entire process.  She also understands the sensitivity required in assisting clients with their wishes.  Shannon values building long-term relationships with clients and being there for them as life circumstances evolve.    

As a community leader:

Shannon enjoys being an active leader in the community by providing connections and resources to others.  She was a board member of the Fremont Union City Newark Mothers' Club (FUN Mothers' Club) 2015-2018, serving as the Community Outreach Director.  She loves to keep people connected to important charitable and volunteer causes that affect the local and larger communities.  She also is active with Mended Little Hearts of the Bay Area, a non-profit that focuses on promoting Congenital Heart Defect Awareness and has helped another community group, United for Heart Warriors, become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Shannon is involved in East Bay Trusts and Estates Lawyers (EBTEL) and the Fremont Chamber of Commerce. She is a member of the Government Affairs Committee and the 2019 Leadership Fremont program through Fremont Chamber of Commerce.

 Speaking engagements:

Shannon regularly speaks for different events in the community on Estate Planning, Digital Assets, Special Needs Planning, and other related topics. She has given seminars and talks for various groups, including Rotary Clubs, real estate brokerages, title companies, financial advisors, Mothers of Preschoolers, FUN Mothers’ Club, Fremont Main Library, and parents who are members of Friends of Children with Special Needs. Shannon loves educating the community on important topics, keeping the audience engaged, and answering questions. If you have a group in the Tri-City (Fremont, Union City, Newark) area who would be interested in having Shannon speak, please contact us. Shannon loves to educate the community on important and interesting topics