Testimonials | 感言


Since the birth of our child, we’d been meaning to set up a trust. The process to do that though, seemed very intimidating to us, which is why we are so glad that we got to work with Shannon. Shannon made the whole process quick and easy. She is very knowledgable and was very patient in explaining and walking us through everything and answering the many questions that we had. As a fellow parent herself, she was thoughtful enough to give us suggestions during our planning and was more than happy to accommodate us when we wanted to make changes later on during the process. She is very prompt with her email responses and we still reach out to her when we have questions. We left her office feeling confident about the planning we’d done and would highly recommend her services.
— -S. Kalra
Thank you very much for helping us set up our Estate Plan, following up about our financial accounts, and then later preparing the amendments we needed. Now, we are worry free. As we do not have children, it was important to have the trust specially written to go over our wishes exactly. You did this for us.

You are knowledgeable, thorough, detail-oriented, and organized. You were able to explain the estate concepts in a simple way. The fact that you are Bilingual with the ability to speak Chinese especially made us feel more comfortable. We are so lucky to have found you for our Estate Planning needs.
— L. Jiang
Shannon was a joy to work with. She was professional, knowledgeable and genuinely cared about my family’s needs. She provided thorough answers to our questions and made the entire process easy to understand. We recommend Shannon to anyone looking to set up a living will/trust.
— R. Le
My husband and I had our estate planning documents done back in the late 1990s when our daughter was just 4 years old. We are now in our 60’s, our daughter no longer needed a guardian, the estate attorney we worked with retired and tax laws have changed since then. After much research, we chose Shannon to take care of our estate needs. My first phone call to her was such a pleasant surprise. She returned my call within an hour, spent time to get to know my needs and within two weeks we had our first of three appointments.

Shannon is knowledgeable, personable, professional and spoke in a language we could understand about estate planning. She is patient, kind and extremely organized. Shannon is detail oriented, has a user friendly website with an easy to use appointment system and easily the most accessible attorney to reach.

Shannon is centrally located in Fremont. If you are looking to update your estate needs or a need to create one, don’t hesitate to contact Shannon. Yes, there are “do it yourself” documents on the internet, self help guides, etc., but having a knowledgeable attorney you can trust, feel comfortable with to discuss your personal estate needs will go a long way toward your peace of mind.

Thank you Shannon!
— R. Sevilla
Thank you very much for helping me to complete my Estate Plan. I had some specific language requests for my trust distribution that I wanted included (different beneficiaries and charities) before signing my documents.

To make sure my requests were addressed thoroughly, you always replied quickly by email, over the phone, and had the trust drafted appropriately.

It was so nice that you were able to clarify my doubts and concerns, explain the trust documents and legal terms, and discussing all of the information in Chinese helped me understand more clearly and made me feel more comfortable.

I highly recommend you to anyone who needs estate planning services.
— C. Yu
We really appreciated working with Shannon as our Trust Administration attorney to take care of my mother’s trust and asset distribution after she passed away in California early this year. Shannon is very professional, competent, compassionate and efficient. Because we do not reside in California, we are not familiar with many of California’s legal procedures and local requirements. Shannon did not prepare the original Trust documents and was able to guide us through the process smoothly in all aspects. This included offering advice on the process, communicating with the beneficiaries (which were family members and a church), preparing the necessary filings with state and county, and then assisting in a flawless asset distribution event. She is definitely a dependable resource and a great person to work with.
— R. Yeh
My wife and I got our estate planning done through you and we both wanted to extend our appreciation at your superb professionalism. We both were very new to the process and you took the time to explain us the benefits and risks and were very patient with us. You also have been extremely prompt in getting back to us with any questions we have in order to get our assets under the trust. We are extremely happy with the service you have provided.

Thank you again for all your help in guiding us through this process.
— K. Modi
Thank you for taking your time to explain the estate plan process, complete the documents with us. Your Chinese skills do help when it comes to explain some legal terms that we are not familiar with.

It has been a pleasure and a great experience for us, and we appreciated your efforts.
— W. Zhang
I worked with Ms. Shannon Liu Shair to set up my living trust. I am a single parent with children from two marriages. In addition my parents live with me. I needed to ensure equitable distribution to my children and provide support to my parents.

Ms. Shannon Liu Shair went above and beyond the typical estate plan to help me craft the trust documents to meet my specific situation. She also answered questions I had afterwards when working on handling my financial accounts to fund the trust.

I am very happy with the excellent help I received from Ms. Liu Shair and would strongly recommend her to friends and family.
— T. Soni
I wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided to update our original estate plan. You were thorough, knowledgeable, patient with our questions, never made us feel rushed, and increased our knowledge level of the estate planning process significantly (even when we already had estate planning done by another attorney in the past). It was a pleasure to work with you.
— S. Agarwal
This testimonial is to commend you on your service. It is nice to be able to have an attorney that seems to understand how to deal with a Deaf person like me. I could sense the Integrity and sincerity in the work rendered. You did communicate very effectively through emails. When I asked for clarifications on certain issues, you took the time to respond clearly.

You were not pushy and understood that it takes time for communication to happen between my sign language interpreter and us. You also bothered to make sure that my documents accurately reflect my wishes and did make the changes after some discussions.

I smiled when I got your follow-up email reminding me what to do to fund my trust. I love people who do this. My previous attorney never took the time to reach out to me during the 15 years I was his client.
— C. Baldwin
It was a pleasure working with Shannon on my family’s estate plan, which also included several businesses and real estate properties. She was thorough and perfect. She was very friendly and you can tell she is a people person. Shannon was able to explain all of the documents to my wife and me comprehensively and answered the questions we had. I also appreciated her family friendly approach as one of our daughters came with us. After the appointment, Shannon took the time to follow up with me regarding funding the trust and checked to confirm that the real estate had been recorded by the different counties into the trust. As a busy professional with a family, it was helpful to work with a trustworthy attorney who is also a parent and made sure everything was handled thoroughly.
— Dr. Gagan K.
You made the whole process so smooth for us. We can’t thank you enough for your guidance through the entire process...what seemed like an Herculean task (reason why we were putting it off all their while) seemed like a piece of cake when you broke it down for us. :)
— -K. Vishwanathan
I simply can’t say enough good things about Shannon! I am so grateful I found her. She was amazing in helping me establish my living trust along with everything I need to make sure my family is taken care of. I had put this off way too long but Shannon makes the process easy & I never thought I would say that. Not only did I find an excellent attorney but walked away with a new friend. Her kindness, compassion & professionalism go way above what she has to do. If you are in that place of needing an attorney for your trust, Shannon is the attorney to go to. So grateful to you Shannon!
— R. Ortiz