What's in a logo

A logo is an important symbol for a business because it is the first image people see and communicates what the business values.  My husband, who is an architect, and I discussed, collaborated, and came up with a design that truly resonated with me on both personal and professional levels.  

My husband and I got married at a Japanese Tea Garden during bloom season. We took our first anniversary photos in DC with the cherry blossoms at peak bloom.

Cherry blossoms symbolize life, fulfillment, and family. They have an ephemeral quality and their peak bloom is a celebrated event. Each cherry blossom is an individual, yet the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and the roots need to be nourished for the tree to thrive.

This logo is the clear visual of values that Liu Shair Law embodies: warmth, detail oriented, and personable.


When I showed my (almost) three year old daughter this picture, she said, "The flowers are our family."

Family is the heart of Estate Planning.  I look forward to working with you to understand your wishes and ensure your family's legacy is secure.



Shannon Liu Shair