Client Stories: Estate Planning the second time around

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This is the second in our series of Client Stories.  This is the story of Ana and Duane, who came to Liu Shair Law to have their Estate Plan updated after completing it many years ago.  Their story reminds how important it is to take the process seriously, have a customized plan, and make sure to handle your accounts to fund them to the trust.

By: Raisah K.

Ana and Duane Carnes created an estate plan long ago when their kids were still little, simply because they needed to have something done. They stated in an interview, “Our estate plan was 21 years old, and we had thought it was done 11 years ago; we didn’t realize how time passed by so quickly.” They didn’t know what the old trust really said or did, and it wasn’t customized for them.

This time, they felt they got to know the attorney on a personal level, shared their family dynamics, and really discussed their wishes. They have two adult daughters they wanted to make sure were cared for through the trust terms they had decided on. Last time, they just wanted a trust done because they had heard they needed one and didn’t take the process seriously.

They didn’t go through the process of funding the old trust with the real estate and bank accounts, something they changed this time around with Liu Shair Law. The firm made sure that they were educated about the process, and that Duane’s business was connected to the trust.  Funding the trust is an important step to making sure that one's Estate Plan works as intended and is something Liu Shair Law emphasizes and follows up with clients about as well.

People in the couple’s life were impressed with the results of working with the firm. The couple explained that their banker and in-laws could both tell how thorough the process was when they created their plan. In response to the remarks, the couple stated that “Our attorney customized the way it fits for our family.” The in-laws said that their estate plan was so differently created, and the one done by Liu Shair Law was very impressive.

Coming out of the experience, Ms. Carnes says, “I’ve been encouraging family and friends to make this a priority because time passes by. I will continue to refer our family and friends to your firm. Our experience with your firm was wonderful; we learned things we never knew and are very much in peace.” Her take back statement from the entire process is, “I’m telling you there is peacefulness and to just get it done.”