Client Stories: Parents and pet lovers


This is the third in our series of Client Stories, highlighting the different reasons clients come to the firm for this important planning.  This story is from Winston and Dora, who have an adult son and also their dog son, who they really love.  Winston and Dora wanted to make sure both their son and dog would be taken care of if something happens to them.  

By: Raisah K.

Talking to couple Dora and Winston brought an inside look into their journey of creating an estate plan. When asked what made them realize they needed an estate plan, Winston responded by saying that they had reached an age where they wanted to travel more as a couple. Anything unexpected could happen while one travels, so it would be better to be prepared. They have a son, and they wanted things to be easier for him since he wouldn’t be travelling with them. Winston was happy that they got their estate plan done relatively early.

Additionally, Dora talks about Jay, the family's beloved pet dog, who needs to be cared for in the case that something happens to all three members of the family. Because their pet is such a huge part of their life, a big concern they had going into the process was whether a pet was covered in a trust, since it’s not a common thing. Winston had specific concerns with the trust regarding financial issues and whether or not it was possible to liquidate money.  Dora was more concerned in how to divide up the money in the estate plan.  Now, with the revocable living trust they created, she knows that if something happens to either her or her husband, the surviving spouse will still have access to all their assets to manage and use.

Going into estate planning, the couple didn’t really know much other than the fact that they needed one. Working with Shannon, Dora says, “After we met her, she brought up a lot of points we didn’t know.” Overall, when asked about the experience with the law firm, the couple describes Shannon as “very informative and very patient with clients”, praising her for never forcing her ideas on them and promptly replying to and following up with them.  Also, when they wanted to mention their charitable wishes, in the event of a disaster scenario, Shannon brainstormed suggestions on charities and then even researched with the organizations how to best incorporate them with their recommended language for planned giving.

Dora exclaims that having an estate plan is a big relief. The reason for them making an estate plan recently was that they wanted to go on a cruise and be prepared for unexpected circumstances. The couple wholeheartedly agrees that they can travel and relax now since they’re in the hands of Liu Shair Law.