Client Stories: Checking an item off the bucket list

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This is the fourth in our series of Client Stories. This story is of Rebecca.  Rebecca found the firm off of its Yelp reviews and then got in touch about setting up her Estate Plan.

Edited by: Raisah K.

Rebecca is a breast cancer survivor who has been living with stage four metastatic breast cancer for several years.  Getting her Estate Plan was on her bucket list for quite some time.  She had searched for Estate Planning attorneys, first going through a consultation with one local attorney who she didn’t feel comfortable with.  Then she met with Liu Shair Law for her Estate Planning needs.  Very soon, Rebecca and Shannon felt a good connection, both professionally and on a personal level.

Rebecca is the mother of two adult children and also a loving grandmother.  She wanted to make sure that her assets would go to her children directly, rather than through the probate process first.  Rebecca went through the firm’s three step process to consult, design, and sign the customized plan, which she felt was thorough enough for her needs.  She mentioned, “it gives me such peace of mind to know you are helping me reach this life goal.”  She appreciated the “kindness, compassion, and professionalism” in the help and support through this process, which she claims goes above and beyond what Shannon has to do. Rebecca even introduced Liu Shair Law to her financial advisor because she felt confident in the services she received.

Estate Planning can be overwhelming and she felt that Liu Shair Law was exemplary in “helping me establish my living trust with everything I need to make sure my family is taken care of.”  She recognized that she had procrastinated in creating an estate plan for too long and found that Liu Shair Law “makes the process easy, and I never thought I would say that.”  "Not only did I find an excellent attorney but walked away with a new friend."

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